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Features & Benefits

Introducing the New XPort Embedded Device Server 
—  Complexity Made Amazing Simple

Shaping a new category that encapsulates connectivity, communications and much more, the XPort™ family of products makes possible a world where Internet-enabled devices are the rule, not the exception. And with Internet connectivity, an immense amount of potentially valuable information becomes reachable and controllable for a wide range of electronic, industrial and consumer products. Simply imagine today's popular products being Internet-enabled such as vending machines, refrigerators, utility meters, HVAC systems, and home entertainment systems ...

"Internet-enablement is not about having a new product spec as much as it is about driving fundamental business changes, optimizing the customer experience by providing new services, and ultimately gaining a competitive advantage."
- Harbor Research

The XPort™ embedded device server, a complete network enabling solution enclosed within a ruggedized RJ-45 package, empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to quickly and easily go to market with networking capabilities built into their products. Smaller than the average person’s thumb, the XPort dramatically cuts the typical internal development cycle for adding networking capabilities from 6 to 9 months down to as little as 60 days.

As the demand for device connectivity increases exponentially, Lantronix removes the complexity manufacturers face by incorporating all the required hardware and software inside a single embedded solution. The XPort incorporates all essential networking features, including a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet connection, a proven operating system, an embedded Web server, e-mail alerts, a full TCP/IP protocol stack and 128-bit AES encryption for secure communications.

Features Benefits
The ONLY Completely Integrated Solution Fastest time to market with the least amount of risk
EMC Compliant No FCC certifications issues when adding networking
The Device Server in an RJ-45 Form Factor – an Industry First Reduced cost for PCB’s. Enables smaller form factor devices to be networked
Extended Operating Temperature: –40 to +85 C Capable of operating in extreme environments
10/100Base-T Ethernet – Auto Sensing Supports high speed networks with backward compatibility
Embedded Web Server Edge devices can be accessed from a standard web browser anywhere in the world
Interactive Web Pages Through the Use of Java Applets Uses industry standard Java
Easy Configuration through a standard Web Browser Do not need to load or learn a new application program to configure XPort
Easy Customization of HTML Web Pages Allows OEMs to provide custom look and feel to their product
E-Mail Notification Real time notification and alarm processing through device generated email alerts
Password Protection Prevents unauthorized access
Firmware Upgrades Over the Internet No on-site support required
Rijndael Encryption 128-bit AES Government approved secure communications
CPU Acts as a System Co-Processor Offloads intensive network activity from the host
3.3V power requirements Low power consumption
Serial to Ethernet interface Almost all devices have a serial interface

Serial Interface
Interface: CMOS (Asynchronous)
Data Rates:
300 to 230 kbps
Characters: 7 or 8 data bits
Parity: odd, even, none
Stop Bits: 1 or 2
Control Signals: RTS, CTS, DTR, DCD
Flow Control: XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS
Programmable I/O: 3 PIO pins (Software selectable)
Network Interface
Interface: Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Protocols: 7 or 8 data bits
Indicators (LED)
10Base-T connection
100Base-TX connection
Link & activity indicator - Full/half duplex
SNMP, Telnet, serial, internal web server, and Microsoft Windows® based utility for configuration
Password protection
Optional 128-bit AES US Govt. approved Rijndael encryption
Internal Web Server
Serves web pages and Java applets
Storage capacity: 384Kbytes
CPU: Based on the DSTni-LX enhanced 16-bit, 48MHz, x86 architecture
256Kbytes SRAM and 512Kbytes flash
Firmware: Upgradeable via TFTP and serially
Input voltage: 3.3 VDC
Input current:
210 mA max.
EMI Compliance
Class B limits of EN 55022:1998
Operating: -40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
-40° to 85°C (-40° to 185°F)
Dimensions: 33.9x16.25x13.5mm (1.33x.64x.53 inches)
9 grams (0.32 oz)
1-year limited warranty
Included Software
MS Windows® based software device installer and MS Windows based Comm Port Redirector


Model Number Part Number Description
XPort XE XP1001000-01 - Standard XPort
- Minimum order quantity 50 units.
XPort XE SMPL XP100100S-01 - XPort Sample case;
- 1 XPort enclosed
- Order quantities of 1 to 10
XPort SE XP1002000-01 - Standard XPort with 128-bit AES US   Government approved Rijndael
- Minimum order quantity 50 units
XPort SE SMPL XP100200S-01 - XPort Sample case with encryption
- 1 XPort enclosed
- Order quantities of 1 to 10
XPort Development Kit XP100100K-01 - XPort Development Kit
XPort Product Brief (PDF)
XPort Technical FAQ (PDF)
XPort Data Sheet (PDF, 3M)
XPort User Manual (PDF)
XPort Block Diagram (JPG)
Networking Tutorials




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