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CPU Compatibility

USFiles® is a DOS/Windows compatible file system that has been designed to be processor and RTOS independent. USFiles can operate in a stand-alone mode and because it is reentrant, it supports multitasking RTOSs such as our SuperTask!® and µITRON compliant TronTask!® products. USFiles also supports standard ANSI C file I/O function calls.

Processor independent

RTOS independent
Royalty free
ROMable and reentrant
Includes Full Source code in ANSI C
User Configurable
DOS/Windows compatible file system
Supports ANSI C file I/O interface
Supports binary and text files
Access directories as files
Includes dynamic .EXE loader
SuperTask!® and TronTask!® compatible
Includes Product Conformance Test

Visual Overview

For an overview of which processors are supported by USFiles, see the Embedded Software CPU Compatibility Matrix.

Compact Flash for USFiles
Supports CompactFlash cards as ATA FlashCards when used with PCMCIA controllers.

USFiles for CD-ROM
Includes CD File Manager and ATAPI CD-ROM driver.

USFiles - 32
Extends the capabilities of USFiles to support very large hard disks.

3rd Party Add-ons

Insignia Solutions - Jeode Embedded JVM
A fast runtime engine that delivers an optimal balance of performance and predictability in a smaller memory footprint. It can execute Java applications on average six times faster than interpretive VMs.

Compilers and Architectures

USFiles has been specifically integrated for seamless operation with applications developed using standard ANSI C compilers across processors from Intel, Motorola, MIPS, Hitachi, NEC, and others.

Customizing USFiles

USFiles includes a ramdisk driver that will work on any platform, and ATA (IDE) hard disk and floppy drivers that work on a standard PC (80x86). Complete source code is provided. The customer can modify these drivers to work in new environments, or develop new drivers. The drivers consist of function to perform sector reads and writes, along with controller initialization, time/date return, disk-change status check, and controller organization functions. The file system will work with a device that you can supply these simple driver level functions for. A sample format function and simple shell program is provided as well.

Supported Functions

fopen( ) fwrite( ) vsprintf( )
fread( ) fputc( ) _chmod( )
fgetc( ) fputs( ) free_clust_cnt( )
fgets( ) fflush( ) free_byte_cnt( )
fseek( ) ferror( ) pcfm_chtime( )
feof( ) fclearerr( ) pcfm_chvlabel( )
rewind( ) fsetpos( ) rmdir( )
fgetpos( ) fprintf( ) sprintf( )
ftell( ) printf( ) sscanf( )
mkdir( ) readdir( ) total_byte_cnt( )
remove( ) total_clust_cnt( )  

Using USFiles

USFiles may be used directly with an application or in conjunction with a multitasking system. Seamless support is provided for our SuperTask! and µITRON compliant TronTask! products. Usage with other multitasking executives requires minimal customization. USFiles is designed to allow multiple tasks to simultaneously use the file system.

Driver Support

USFiles is provided with a driver that supports a RAM disk that operates on all platforms. In addition, we deliver sample drivers for accessing floppy and hard disk drives.


USFiles integrates with internet cell phones, PDA's, MP3 players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, game consoles, printers, multimedia projectors, scanners and set top boxex.

USFiles Compatibility

USFiles supports the same ANSI C user interface and functionality across all processors. You can take standard C code developed for one processor, recompile it, and move to another processor with minimal effort.

USFiles Q&A
CPU Compatibility Matrix
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