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Two User, Eight Server USB KVM Switch
The USB ServerSwitch is an active microprocessor controlled switch for USB-based computers. Each USB ServerSwitch switches USB Keyboard, Mouse and Video signals between eight Servers and two users. Multiple USB ServerSwitches can be cascaded so that two users can control up to 64 computers.

Transparent Operation
Users may interact with the attached computer using their USB keyboard and mouse and their monitor as if they were directly connected to the CPUs. Keyboard emulation is provided at all times for attached CPUs, eliminating interruptions that may occur when a server detects a missing keyboard, or USB renumeration. Also, the keyboard status LEDs for each server port are stored by the ServerSwitch so that the user's keyboard instantly assumes the correct status configuration when a user switches to the server port. The attached servers provide power for each server port's USB emulation, so the USB status is maintained regardless of the power state of the USB ServerSwitch.

Rack Mountable with On-Screen Display
Rack mounted servers are quickly becoming the standard in the server world. The USB ServerSwitch can be mounted in the same 19-inch rack as the connected CPUs, reducing the space required to administer multiple servers. The backlit two-line front panel display and pushbuttons allows the system administrators to easily switch between attached servers. On-screen configuration is simple using the user's monitor and keyboard. Device names can be shown on-screen when switching between servers to help the user manage multiple systems with simple commands.

Platform independent - USB keyboard and mouse support for Sun, SGI and PC-based CPU's
No single point of failure - Attached CPU's will not crash if the USB ServerSwitch loses power.
Superior Graphics - The USB ServerSwitch features the server management industry's best video performance with resolution up to 1600 x 1200 pixels
Ease of Use - Switch between CPU's using on-screen menus accessed directly from the keyboard
Multi-user - Two users can interact with all attached CPUs
Standard Cabling - no special cabling is required. Servers are connected using standard USB A-to-B cables and standard HD15 video cables
Supports DDC2B standard for proper display sizing when switching between different video resolutions
On-Screen Display (OSD) - On-screen menus provide an easy way to switch and configure the system. Users can name server connections for more intuitive selection of servers
Cost Savings - Eliminate costly monitor and keyboard expenditures while conserving valuable server room space
Cascade without losing a port - Dedicated cascade ports allow all units in a cascade to have 8 connected servers for a maximum configuration of 2 users with 64 servers
Independence - Each CPU operates independently, ensuring that a crash of one server will not affect other servers. The USB ServerSwitch operates separately from any network, preventing inoperability due to network problems

Chassis Capacity

8 servers, 2 users

Connector Types
Video HD15 female
Keyboard/Mouse from server

One USB-B connector

Keyboard/Mouse Two USB-A connectors for each user
Cascade Control In

DB9 female

Cascade Control Out DB9 female
Power Requirements Universal AC power supply
90-253 VAC, 47-63 Hz, auto-switching
Power Consumption


Heat Flow Rate 34 BTU/hr
Operating Temperature

0-50°C (32-122°F)

Heat Flow Rate Humidity: operating
Rack size 19"

1 RU, 1.75" (4.45cm)

Width 17.5" (44.45 cm)

11.75" (29.85cm)

Weight 10.4 lbs (4.7kg)

Part Number Description
300.000.1000 USB ServerSwitch for Sun, SGI and PCs 8 port, 2 user
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