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CPU Compatibility

TronTask! is a real-time operating system implementing the µITRON real-time kernel specification designed for consumer products and other small-scale embedded systems where memory constraints and performance are critical. TronTask! is both µITRON 2.01 and 3.02 compliant and supports multiple 16- and 32-bit embedded processors.

The µITRON specification attempts to develop a new computer system and environment. The specification has been designed to allow the user to create multitasking applications that are compatible across architectures and systems that support the µITRON specification. Function calls found in the µITRON specification will work in the same manner from implementation to implementation regardless of how the underlying system operates.

TronTask! allows an application developer the flexibility to define specific tasks that must be performed when suitable conditions arise. These tasks may communicate with one another through various methods such as sending messages or setting flags, and they can also force one another to suspend or resume execution. Use of TronTask! permits developers to manage the time and memory resources in the most suitable way for their own applications. The system is completely configurable by the user, so unused methods will not be included in the application.

µITRON 3.02 compatible

µITRON 2.01 compliant
Includes complete source code in ANSI C
Royalty free
Supports preemptive scheduling
Very low interrupt latency
ROMable and reentrant
User configurable
Supports events, semaphores, messages
Supports dynamic memory manager (fixed & variable sized)
Many system services can be activated from interrupt service routines
Compatible with USNET, NetPeer and USFiles

Lantronix's TronTask!® supports a wide variety of processors. For processor-specific information, see the Additional CPU Information page. For a comparison with our other Embedded Software products, see the Embedded Software CPU Compatibility Matrix.

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