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SINGLE USER, FOUR CPU KEYBOARD/MOUSE SWITCH Lightwave Communication's Trading Floor Switch allows a single Sun-compatible keyboard and mouse to control two Sun and two PS/2-compatible CPUs. Valuable desk space is conserved by using a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple CPUs. Video signals are not switched by the Trading Floor Switch so that video information from each CPU may be simultaneously displayed on separate monitors, preventing the user from missing important data.


TRANSPARENT TO SUN AND PS/2 CPUs Keyboard and mouse emulation is supplied at all times to all attached computers regardless of switch position. There is no interruption of operation caused by a CPU detecting the absence of a keyboard. The Trading Floor Switch stores keyboard status (Caps Lock, Num Lock, etc.) for each CPU and restores the current status each time the CPU is selected.

SMALL SIZE WITH WIRED REMOTE CONTROL The Trading Floor Switch's small size, 4" (101.6mm) x4" (101.6mm) x1" (25.4mm), makes it easy to locate the unit away from valuable desktop space. A wired remote control allows users to switch between CPUs with just the push of a button; the selected CPU is indicated by an LED above the appropriate button. When the Trading

  • save space and eliminate confusion- consolidate multiple keyboards and mice on one desktop
  • allows video from attached CPUs to be displayed simultaneously on separate monitors
  • control up to two Sun and two PS/2 CPUs with one Sun keyboard
  • uses standard cabling
  • transparent operation - perfect keyboard and mouse emulation on all ports
  • no rebooting - keyboard emulation is constant to all CPUs, regardless of switch position
  • no external power connection required - power supplied by attached CPU keyboard/mouse connections
  • small size - easily located off desktop
  • remote CPU selection buttons small enough to attach to keyboard

Floor Switch is used with Lightwave Communication's Cat 5 Extender, CPUs may be located up to 300 (91m) feet away from the desktop.

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Part Number Description
300.000.2201 2 PC (PS/2) and/or 2 Sun (Type 5c) Kbd./Ms. Switch, Sun Kbd./Ms. w. Desktop Button Panel
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