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Customers have told us that reliability is a paramount concern when developing their real-time applications. For this reason Lantronix has implemented SuperTask! using ANSI C so that the kernel is portable across all platforms. Complete source code is included and there are no royalties.

ANSI C Source code included

No royalties
Over 70 powerful system calls
Supports over 16 target processor families
Task aware plug-ins (DLLs) are available for SingleStep (68K, PowerPC, ColdFire) debuggers
Benchmarks are available from our sales department
ITRON 2.x/3.x API available
ROMable and reentrant
Includes complete source code in ANSI C

Multitasking Operations

Use MultiTask! to develop and implement real-time multitasking applications using 70 powerful system calls. Get complete source code with ANSI C stream I/O including sprintf(), sscanf(), and pipes. Stream I/0 can be enhanced to support MS-DOS files by using USFiles. With MultiTask!, you perform serial I/O operations on your target processor using the standard ANSI C interface. MultiTask! is available for over 16 target processor families and is specifically designed to have a low interrrupt latency.


MultiTask! is SuperTask!'s heart. It provides the mechanisms necessary to create, control, and destroy tasks needed by an application. MultiTask! provides Events, Group Events, Mailboxes, Resources, Memory Management, Time Functions, and Stream I/O in a completely configurable manner.

Task state transition diagram

Also Includes

USLink® - 80x86 embedded linker/locator (386 protected-mode only)supports C compilers from Microsoft, Borland, Sybase (Watcom), and MetaWare

OPUS Make™ - make utility program to simplify the build process for MultiTask! Lantronix's SuperTask!® supports a wide variety of processors. For processor-specific information, see the Additional CPU Information page. For a comparison with our other Embedded Software products, see the Embedded Software CPU Compatibility Matrix.

Platform Support

We are continually porting our products to new platforms. Contact our sales department for the latest list of supported platforms.

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Additional CPU Information
CPU Compatibility Matrix
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