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8 or 16 ports in 1U of rack space
OpenSSH v2 server
No inadvertent breaks - Solaris Ready
256K FIFO Audit Trail buffer per device port
Multiple concurrent Telnet/SSH sessions (essentially unlimited)
Field-programmable flash for software updates
Access ports via 10/100 Base-T network connection or serial port
Optional Modem supports PPP, PAP, CHAP, Call Back
Secure Access to administration functions from terminal, modem port, or over the network
OptID/password security, configurable access rights
1.75" (1 RU) high, fits in standard 19" rack
Redundant Universal power supplies, AC or 48 VDC power

New Console Management Solution

The SCS820 and SCS1620 are secure, fault-tolerant alternatives to terminal servers, delivering centralized management of serial command console ports through direct network access, a local terminal, or modem connection. Employing Open Source technology, the SCS820/1620 use OpenSSH v2 for secure encryption, OpenLDAP, and supports DHCP networks.

The SCS820/1620 allows up to 128 user sessions to access up to 16 devices; the attached devices may be a variety of workstations, UNIX and Linux servers, LAN/WAN components, or management systems. System updates are easily accomplished thanks to flash downloads.

Securely Manage Network Data Centers and Servers

Its small size (1RU) and remote access features make the SCS820/1620 ideal for remotely located servers and network devices. Authentication is provided via LDAP, NIS or an internal database (using PAM). Each user's database entry also specifies access rights, so users may only access those devices for which they have authorization.

Add Remote Power Cycling for a Total Solution

Connect the Power Manager port of the SCS820/1620 to our PCU-8 Power Control Unit and enjoy complete control of serial devices from anywhere in the world! Ideal for remote, unmanned sites, the PCU-8 provides power cycling control for eight devices and can be cascaded to control up to 72 devices.

Ideal for Remote Unmanned Sites

The PCU-8 uses solid state zero-crossing relays for silent switching of attached devices, friendly to manned environments. The zero crossing relays ensure that expensive equipment is not harmed by power spikes which can occur by merely “throwing a switch” or closing a relay. Programmed time delays for a progressive startup of controlled devices allows a smooth recovery. Power Failure Recovery ensures that no one has to be there to start up the network if a power failure occurs.

Fault Tolerant, No Single Point of Failure

The SCS820/1620, in normal operation, is a "listening" device that accepts console messages and places them in a FIFO buffer. The user must put the system in "Direct Mode" to communicate with a server. Inadvertent and unintentional communication with the server does not take place. The system architecture features isolation between the terminal and the server as well, eliminating the terminal as a point of failure.

When you need to remotely monitor and manage your network and telecom equipment, look to Lantronix for a complete Console Management Solution - connecting you with your information

Device Interface

EIA-232, 2400 - 115.2K baud

Connector Types Device Port (SCS820): RJ45 (8)
Device Port (SCS1620): RJ45 (16)
Terminal Port: RJ45 (1)
Network Port: RJ45 (1)
Modem Port: RJ11 (1)
Power Manager: DB9F (1)
Power Requirements

Either AC or DC voltage

AC input: 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz,
auto-switching redundant supplies

DC input: - 48 VDC Power Supplies,
three-conductor connector with 2 inputs for redundancy

Power Consumption 18W
Heat Flow Rate 62 BTU/hr
Operating Temperature (convection) 0-50°C (32-122°F)
Humidity Operating - 30%
Non-condensing - 90%
Dimensions Rack Size: EIA 19", other mounting kits available
Height: 1u 1.75" (8.9 cm)
Width: 17.25" (43.8 cm)
Depth: 13"
Weight: 11 lbs. (4.9 kg)
Shipping Weight: 19 lbs.
Warranty 1-year limited warranty - as of August 1st, 2003


Part Number Description
500.000.0820A SCS820 (85-264 VAC)
500.048.0820A SCS820 (-48 VDC)
500.000.1620A SCS1620 (85-264 VAC)
500.048.1620A SCS1620 (-48 VDC)
500.000.0806 Modem Card
200.0062 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 2 meters
200.0063 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 5 meters
200.0064 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 10 meters
200.0065 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 15 meters
200.0066 RJ45 - DB25M Cable Adapter
200.0067 RJ45 - DB25F Cable Adapter
200.0069 RJ45 - DB9M Cable Adapter
200.0070 RJ45 - DB9F Cable Adapter
200.0225 RJ45 - RJ45 Rolled Cable Adapter
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