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Desktop Model

Security & Confidentiality - SystemConsoleSwitch may operate separately from your network and has password protection for remote users.
Easy Printing - One printer serves all ports.
Independence - Each device port operates independently, so failure of any of the attached devices will not affect the monitoring and control capabilities for other attached machines.
Compatibility - Plug compatible with every type of computer system through the console port.
Name Your Devices - Assign system names and locate devices instantly.
Cost Savings - Eliminate costly terminal and keyboard expenditures while saving valuable space.
Easy to Use - Controlled through the terminal keyboard.
Flexibility - Choose the chassis that best fits your system, desktop or rack mount.

The SystemConsoleSwitch is an intelligent switch that allows a single text (RS-232) terminal to control and monitor an entire data center from one central location. It's modular design accommodates data centers of various sizes and future growth. Each SystemConsoleSwitch allows for viewing of 12 console ports and is easy expandable to view up to 120 ports.

Optimize systems management with the SystemConsoleSwitch's Remote Access feature, devices can be accessed from home or on the road via modem dial-up. The SystemConsoleSwitch also features a Audit Trail, providing a 32k (40 screen) buffer for each port, this proves to be invaluable for diagnostics.

When you need to remotely monitor and manage your network and telecom equipment, look to Lantronix for a complete Console Management Solution - connecting you with your information.


Console Ports Specifications

Baud Rate: 300 to 19,200 dip switch selectable
Memory: 32Kb per port
Maximum number of ports per chassis: 12

Connector Types Terminal Port: DB25F
Printer Port: DB25F
Modem Port: DB25F
Console Port Connections: RJ45
Power Requirements

Universal input

Power Consumption 25 Watts
Operating Temperature (convection) 32 to 125°F (0C - 51.6°C)

Desk-top Chassis:
Height: 9" (228.6mm)
Width: 4.3" (109.3mm)
Depth: 10.25" (260.35mm)

Rack-mount Chassis:
Height: 5.25" (133.35mm)
Width: 19" (482.59mm)
Depth: 10.25" (260.34mm)

Shipping Weight

8 lb. (3.6kg)

Warranty 12 months from date of purchase. Extended warranties available.

Part Number Description
300.000.0002 SystemConsoleSwitch - Desk Top (Includes Universal Power Adapter and 6 foot Cascade Cable.)
300.000.0003 SystemConsoleSwitch, Rack-Mount (Includes Universal Power Adapter and 6 foot Cascade Cable.)
300.000.0001 Dual Port Module (Dual Port Modules must be ordered separately.)
200.0062 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 2 meters
200.0063 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 5 meters
200.0064 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 10 meters
200.0065 Console Port Cable - RJ45, 15 meters
200.0066 Cable Adapter: Sun servers (DB25M)
200.0067 Cable Adapter: Sun servers (DB25F)
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