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The PC ServerSwitch Plus provides reliable centralized control of multiple PCs through a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Eliminate costly monitor and keyboard expenditures while saving valuable space by cascading the switch to control up to 120 PCs. The PC ServerSwitch Plus does not sacrifice video quality with a maximum display resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

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The PC ServerSwitch is controlled via on-screen menus with options including assigning meaningful names to your servers, auto scan, auto skip, and error messages. Video, keyboard, and mouse signals are all switched transparently to each CPU, ensuring that there is no interruption of active CPU processes. Independent processors allow each port to emulate a keyboard and mouse at all times.

No single point of failure - Attached PCs will not crash if the PC ServerSwitch Plus loses power.
Ease of system configuration - System access through front panel buttons with system status displayed on LCD.
Independence - Each PC operates independently, insuring that a crash of one server will not affect other servers. PC ServerSwitch Plus operates independently of your network.
Ease of use - Switch from PC to PC accessing on-screen menus directly from your keyboard.
Cascade without losing a port - Includes a cascade port that prevents this loss.
Easy cabling - Use standard cabling with PC ServerSwitch Plus - no more expensive, hard to find specialty cables.

Physical Dimensions

1.75" (44.45mm) x 17.25" (438.15mm) W x 8" (203.2mm) D

Weight 15 pounds (6.75kg)
Power Requirements

115/230 V 50/60 Hz 20W Switch fused

Operating Temperature 32F - 125F (0C - 51.6C)
Connection from PCs
Video HD 15 female

6-pin mini-Din Female

Mouse 6-pin mini-Din Female
Connections to Console
Video HD 15 female

6-pin mini-DIN Female

Mouse 6-pin mini-DIN Female
Panel Connections to Cascade PC ServerSwitch Pluses
Video HD 15 female
Keyboard & Mouse

DB9 (serial)

Part Number Description
300.000.9000 PC ServerSwitch Plus
200,0105 Cable Kit (includes 1 video cable and 2 keyboard/mouse, 6')
200.0134 Serial Mouse Adapter
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