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The Matrix-Hub Series 1000 is a multi-interface 10 x 10 (maximum) matrix switch for high performance graphics environments. This model is designed for smaller scale topologies, giving users the ability to route up to 10 different computer sources among 10 different console destinations, in effect lowering the price-per-seat of high performance graphic workstations and servers.


Route and switch video, keyboard, mice, and serial peripherals quickly and easily to optimize operational productivity in any graphics environment. The high performance video capability makes the Model 1000 a perfect choice for the visualization center, post production or scientific applications. The Model 1000 enables up to 10 users to access multiple computers which makes it a perfect choice in the server room. When integrated with the VDE/200 Fiber Extension kit from Lightwave Communications, a versatile and highly flexible topology may be created.

SECURE CONTROL - The Matrix-Hub is controlled through a serial (RS-232) port, either directly or via a dumb terminal or remotely through a networked computer. User friendly menus and commands make controlling and programming the Hub simple tasks. The Matrix-Hub Series 1000 allows for different levels of control, giving users a variety of access and control privileges.
MULTI PLATFORM VERSATILITY - The Matrix-Hub Model 1000 may be used in a variety of applications. The Model 1000 operates transparently so any keyboard conversions take place outside of the switch. Source (input) cards and destination (output) cards are available for PS2 and Sun keyboard/mouse types.
BROADCAST CAPABILITY - Broadcast video signals to any or all destinations.
  • Video, Keyboard/Mouse and Serial are all contained in one rack-mountable chassis.
  • The System Status Display with electro-luminescence shows system diagnostics, redundant power supply status, and connection grid
  • Hot Swappable I/O Cards
  • Easy maintenance through front access makes hot-swapping the redundant power supplies easy
  • Modular design allows you to build your Matrix-Hub according to your application in increments of 5 ports per I/O card

Matrix Size

Up to 10 x 10

Video Resolution RGB, 1900 x 1200 @ 180 Hz.

Green, Composite, Sep. H&V

Connector Types:


Video HD15 Female
6-pin MiniDIN Female (2)
8-pin MiniDIN Female
DB9 Female (Source/input)
DB9 Male (Destination/output)
RS-232, DP9F (IN), DB9M (OUT)
Power Requirement

Redundant Universal Supplies
115/230 V, 50/60 Hz,
200W Switch fused

Operating Temperature

32F - 125F



Rack Size

7u 12.25" (32.12 cm)
7u 12.25" (32.12 cm)

Weight fully loaded

50 lbs. (22.86 kg)

Part Number Description
400.100.1000 Matrix-Hub 1000 Universal Chassis, to 10 x 10
400.100.1001 Matrix-Hub 1000, HD15F Video Input Card
400.100.1002 Matrix-Hub 1000, HD15F Video Output Card
400.100.2001 Matrix-Hub, PS2 Kbd/Ms Input Card
400.100.2002 Matrix-Hub, PS2 Kbd/Ms Output Card
400.100.2003 Matrix-Hub, Sun Kbd/Ms Input Card
400.100.2004 Matrix-Hub, Sun Kbd/Ms Output Card
400.100.3001 Matrix-Hub, DB9F Serial Input Card
400.100.3002 Matrix-Hub, DB9M Serial Output Card
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