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Building Ethernet or network connectivity into a product is no simple task. It requires a significant investment in hardware and software integration - often in areas outside of core competencies. Why build it yourself when there is an alternative?

Lantronix's embedded device networking products provide integrated hardware and software solutions for manufacturers who want to add Ethernet connectivity to their products.

Device networking starts with a Device Server™. These amazing products allow most any device with a serial port (TTL) to connect to Ethernet networks quickly and cost-effectively. Device Servers include all of the elements needed for device networking - a processor, real-time operating system (RTOS), a robust TCP/IP stack, web server, and a network connection. All the connected product needs is a header, providing connections to power and a TTL serial port.

Where component costs, and a high level of integration are important, Device Servers are also available on a single chip. DSTni™ (Device Server Technology Network Interface) is a single chip solution for embedding network connectivity into your products.

Whether you're looking for an add-on network interface, or a single chip solution - we have just the right level of integration for your application.

Product Family Form Factor Interface Network Interface
CoBox Micro Board TTL Serial (1) 10Base-T
CoBox Mini Board TTL Serial (2) 10/100Base-T
DSTni Integrated Circuit (IC) Asynchronous Serial, I2C, SPI, CAN 2.0B, USB 1.1, PROFIBUS DP general purpose I/O Ethernet
10/100 Mbps