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Centralized console access via web browser anywhere, anytime.
Minimize downtime through event notification, fault isolation and remote access to managed equipment.
Simplify administration through automated notification and prioritization of console events.
Provide access based on user profiles, equipment type or geographic location.
Capture complete audit trails, including user actions, with console logging.
Automate console operations with scripting and scheduled events.
Optional scan files provide pre-defined events for most operating systems and equipment.


Console Management Software

Managing a data center and the supporting network infrastructure is a demanding task, particularly when there are large numbers of disparate devices involved. With critical business systems at stake, there’s no time for downtime. What’s needed is a way to simplify and consolidate access, and minimize the burden of managing these systems.

Consolidate Your Operation

With ConsoleWorks™, network managers and systems administrators can have a web-based control panel from which they can remotely monitor and manage servers, network infrastructure, and telecom equipment throughout their organization.

ConsoleWorks monitors remote systems, alerting appropriate personnel when trouble is detected, providing them with all of the tools they need to quickly and efficiently diagnose and correct most problems – before users start calling the help desk.

Access When You Need It

Unlike in-band management tools that poll equipment over the network, ConsoleWorks uses real-time, out-of-band communications, utilizing the console or emergency management port, built into most servers and networking equipment. Since console port connections do not rely on target operating systems, network services, or software agents, remote access is there when you need it most.

In addition to direct serial connections, ConsoleWorks can connect to remote equipment through a terminal server, or console server. There’s also support for syslog and telnet connections, where a separate management network is available, or in situations where in-band management is desired.

ConsoleWorks In Action

With a console connection, ConsoleWorks scans the messages for relevant events, logging all information, notifying appropriate personnel in real-time when there is a problem.

Events are user defined, and are activated when a match is made with data received from the managed device. Event definitions can span five lines of text, containing wildcard characters or regular expressions (REGEX). Packaged event lists, called scan files, are also available for most equipment and operating systems, providing system recovery procedures as suggested by the manufacturer.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Using just a web browser, administrators can access ConsoleWorks to view color-coded and prioritized event lists for each console, helping them focus on the most critical issues first. Event help can include an explanation of the problem, diagnostic procedures, or required corrective actions. There is also the ability to include critical support information like phone numbers, service representatives, maintenance contract numbers, and links to online documentation.

All Through A Web Browser

When further diagnostics or corrective measures are necessary, administrators can connect through ConsoleWorks to attached equipment, using an included Java-based terminal emulator. Administrators in different locations can even collaborate on solving a problem, using shared sessions. Throughout, a complete audit trail is maintained, including all user input.

When user intervention is not necessary, or when scheduled events are required, ConsoleWorks also supports automated actions. It is like having a dedicated operator for each console, working 24x7 without a break.

ConsoleWorks also includes extensive reporting functions. Reports can be summarized or targeted to specific activity, such as: consoles, console messages, events, event severities, profiles, and users. Once created, reports can be saved for quick and convenient access.

Simplifed Data Center Administration

With ConsoleWorks, the time consuming processes of notification, isolation, access, discovery, and access are reduced to a matter of minutes, resulting in reductions in meantime-to-repair of up to eighty percent, helping to maximize equipment uptime and ensuring business continuity.

For organizations that are grappling with the management of widely disparate, complex operations that include remote or unmanned sites, co-location facilities, and data centers in secure or isolated areas, ConsoleWorks is an ideal solution to free up administrative resources to focus on more productive tasks, while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of managed equipment.

When you need to remotely monitor and manage your network and telecom equipment, look to Lantronix for a complete Console Management Solution - connecting you with your information.

Device Connections

console server, terminal server, telnet, syslog, direct serial (RS-232), and inter-server connector

Event Management

Number of events: unlimited
Actions: event-based, time-based, scripting
Definition: five lines (255 characters per line) including wildcards and regular expressions (REGEX) Optional scan files provide pre-defined events lists for most equipment and operating systems

General / Administration

Users: 8 max.
User Profiles: 10 max.
Console Groups: 8 max.
Logging: 15 days max.
Concurrent connections: 12 max.

Supported Platforms

Windows NT/2000
Solaris 7 and later (UltraSPARC)

Part Number Description
CWRKS-SOL-32 Solaris, Supports 32 devices
CWRKS-SOL-32S Solaris, 32 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-SOl-64 Solaris, Supports 64 devices
CWRKS-SOL-64S Solaris, 64 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-SOL-128 Solaris, Supports 128 devices
CWRKS-SOL-128S Solaris, 128 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-WIN-32 Windows, Supports 32 devices
CWRKS-WIN-32S Windows, 32 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-WIN-64 Windows, Supports 64 devices
CWRKS-WIN-64S Windows, 64 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-WIN-128 Windows, Supports 128 devices
CWRKS-WIN-128S Windows, 128 devices with SSH/SSL Security Pack
CWRKS-ENT-16P 16 Port Device License upgrade
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