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TSU & TDU Accessories
Model # Part #  Description
TSU 600 AC Power Supply 1202378L1 TSU 600 2nd GEN AC power supply. TSU 600 1st GEN (1200076LX) requires 1200237L1 (not listed)
TSU 600E Redundant AC Power Supply 1200216L1 Second AC powering module for the TSU 600e chassis. Provides internal, integrated AC power redundancy for critical networking applications.
TSU 600/600E DC Power Supply 1200379L1 TSU 600 and TSU 600e DC power supply module.
TSU DB-25 to RJ-45 Direct Adapter Kit 1200139L1 Converter cable. DB25 (DTE) to RJ-45 for connecting a PC to a TSU Chain-In port. Package of 10.
TSU DB-25 to RJ-45 Modem Adapter Kit 1200140L1 Converter cable. DB25 (DCE) to RJ-45 for connecting a modem lo a TSU Chain-in port. Package of 10.
Nx56/64 w/DBU "Y" Cable 1200196L1 3-port V.35 "Y" cable for use w/ the TSU 100eand 120e for Dial Backup using the base V.35 port or as a spare for the Nx56/64 w/ DBU plug-on module.
V.35 Connector Adapter Cable 1200167L1 For use with Dual DSU III Modules and Plug-ons, and dual Nx56/64 and Plug-ons converts to a single V.35 interface through a 37-pin Winchester connector.
RS-232 Connector Adapter Cable 1200167L2 For use with Dual DSU III Modules and Plug-Ons, converts lo a single RS-232 through a db25 physical connector.
V.35 DBU Connector Adapter Cable 1200167L3 For use with the NxlQ module DBU interlace. Provides a single male V.35 interface for dial backup applications
23" Rack Adapter Kit for TDU 1200171L1 23" Rack Adapter Kit for TDU 120, T3SU 300 and OSU 300. Kit includes one pair (2 each) brackets and (6 each) mounting screws.
23" Rack Adapter Kit for TSU 600 Series 1200271L1 23" Rack Adapter Kit for TSU 6XX.
TSU IXX 1st Gen Dual Mounting Shelf 1200084L1 19" shelf for rackmounting two TSU 1XX 1 st Gen units.
Adapter Cable, Quad RS-232 4 Port 1180435L4 High Density connector to four DB-25/RS-232 connectors for use with Multiport Sync/Async Serial module, 1180435L1.
TSU 1XX 2nd Gen Dual Mounting Shelf 1200084L2 ACT 1900 Channel Bank System with Common Cards and Single Power Supply.

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