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T400 Shelves
Model # Part #  Description
19" T400 Shelf 1150028L1 19" Rackmount T400 shelf with 12 slots; Used to hold 12 T400 NT1 CPs or 10T400 NT1 CPs and 1 or 2 1353POWER04 Power Supplies. Rear panel has 3 male 50-pin micro ribbon connections (1 to network; 2 to customer).
23" T400 Shelf 1150024L1 23" Rackmount T400 shelf with 14 slots; Used to hold 14 T400 NT1 CPs or 12 T400 NT1 CPs and 1 or 2 T400 Power Supplies. Shelf may also be powered by an external supply.
T400-23" Shelf 1150092L1 Holds up to 14 T400 Circuit Packs. This unit can be locally powered or span powered devices may be used. Compatible technologies include T1, FT1, ISDN, DDS, HDSL and HDSL-2.
T400 Power Supply 1353POWER04 T400 Power Supply, converts 110 VAC to 48 VDC, 3 amps, for internally powering the 19" and 23" T400 shelves. 2 units may be used to provide redundancy.

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