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Older ISDN Products
Model # Part #  Description
DDS - T-3   Adtran dds - t-3
EXP -XLT EXT 1200070L2 Adtran express xlt ext lan 128 u and 2ll ta
EXPRESS 2PORT 1202081L5 Adtran express -2port ISU support 2b+d, supports bonding, support voice, no bandwidith on demand, is sync/async.
EXPRESS 2PORT 1202081L6 Adtran express 2 port. support 2b+d, bonding, bandwidith on demand in ppp mode., voice, async and sync.
EXPRESS -XL EXT 1200070L1 Adtran express xl ext lan 128 u and 2ll
EXPRESS -XR 1200153L1 Adtran express xr ext pc and mac 230 async isdn 28.8 modem
EXPRESS -XRT 1200153L2 Adtran express xrt ext pc mac 23 0 async/u ta
ISU 128 1200029L2 Adtran isdn csu/dsu 2b+d bonding, bandwidth on demand, no voice support. has nT1 RS232/530 and v.35.
ISU 128 EXTPC 1202029L2 Adtran (u-interface) extpc mac 128async
ISU 128 RM SMT 1200087L2 Adtran u v.32bis mod smart shelf 16p
ISU 128 V34 MD 1202029L3 Adtran v.34 modem ext pc mac 128 async
ISU 128RM SMT 1200087L1 Adtran rm - (u-interface) smrt shlf 16 pc async
ISU 512 1200086L1 Adtran external pc mac and video conf 512syn
ISU 512 1202086L1 Adtran (2nd gen) isdn inverse multiplexer
ISU EXP 1200081L2 Adtran ISU express-w/v.32bis/v.4bis ext pc mac
ISU EXP 1202081L3 Adtran ISU express-w/pots i/f ext pc mac 128 as
ISU EXP DATA 1202081L1 Adtran ISU express - data only ext pc mac 128 asyn
ISU EXP S/POTS 1200081L4 Adtran ISU express-s/pots v.32 e xt pc mac 128 m
ISU EXP W2 PT 1202081L5 Adtran ISU express w/(two) pots i/f
ISU EXP-SING 1202081L4 Adtran ISU express-sing pots v.32 bis/v.42bis ext
ISU2X64 EUROP 1200051L6 Adtran ISU 2x64 european ver bri ta s/t int
ISU2X64 RM S 1200074L4 Adtran ISU 2x64 rm s(data only) smart shelf 16 pc
ISU2X64 RM U 1200074L3 Adtran ISU 2x64 rm u w/dual v.34 mdms smrt shlf
ISU2X64 RMSMT 1200074L1 Adtran ISU 2x64 rm u(data only) smart shelf
ISU2X64 S/T- 4200051L2 Adtran ISU 2x64 s/t-interface w/cbl ext pc mac & vid
ISU2X64 U INT 4200051L1 Adtran ISU 2x64 u interface w/cble ext pc mac &vi
ISU2X64S/T-IN 1200051L2 Adtran ISU 2x64 s/t-interface ext pc mac & video
ISU2X64U-INTF 1200051L1 Adtran ISU 2x64u- isdn standalone unit with u interface pc mac & video conferencing compatible

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