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Frame Relay
Express 5000 Units
Model # Part #  Description
Express 5110 1202130L2 Dual Port multi-protocol FRAD, includes an integrated 56/64K DSU/CSU. Two DTE S one DCE EIA-232 (DB25) interfaces built-in, V.35 is supported but requires either 12O0193L1 OM200194L1 adapter cable(s).
Express 5200 1202175L1 Dual port multi-protocol FRAD/Pt-Pt DDS Mux, supports voice w/ Dual voice cards. Includes integrated 56/64K DSU, DBU supported for DDS mode w/ESP DBU cards (see Modules & Accessories). V.35 requires either 1200193L1 or1200194L1 adapter cable(s).
Express 5210 1200208L1 Mu Hi-protocol frame access device, includes a 10 Base-T Ethernet full IP router port, an EIA-232/V.35 serial port for legacy protocol support. Includes compressed voice and DBU support (See Modules & Accessories). V.35 requires adapter cable 1200193L1 or 1200194L1.

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