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Adtran Products
Adtran Channel Bank (ACT 1241)
Model # Part #  Description
ACT 1241 CSU DP 1100012L1 Adtran csu dp channel unit for act 1241
ACT ACU LST2 1100035L2 Adtran act acu list 3 individual common packages
ACT DAX 4150 ACT1241COM Adtran act dax list 3 commons snmp common pk
ACT DAX LST3 1150032L3 Adtran act dax list 3 individual common packages
ACT LRA 4150 ACT1241LRA Adtran ACT1241lra system: chassis & common
2E&M CHANNEL UN 13532EM Adtran 2e&m channel unit for ACT1241
2FXO CHAN UN 13532FXO Adtran 2fxo channel unit for ACT1241
2FXS + CHAN 1260001L1 Adtran 2fxs plus channel unit for act 1241
2FXS + CHAN UN 126001L1 Adtran 2fxs plus channel unit for ACT1241
4E&M CHANNEL UN 13534EM Adtran 4e&m channel unit for ACT1241
4FXO CHAN UN 13534FXO Adtran 4fxo channel unit for ACT1241
4FXS CHAN UN 13534FXS Adtran 4fxs channel unit for ACT1241
4TO CHANNEL UN 13534TO Adtran 4to channel unit for ACT1241
4TOLB CHAN UN 13534TOLB Adtran 4tolb channel unit for ACT1241
ACT1241L1 CHA 1150036L1 Adtran act 1241L1 chassis only
ACT1241L2 CHA 1150036L2 Adtran act 1241L2 chassis only
BASIC SY 4150 ACT1241L1 Adtran ACT1241 basic system: chassis & common
BR1/8 4150 BR1L2 Adtran br1/8 with commons
D4 U-BRITE II 1102020L2 Adtran d4 u-brite ii channel unit for ACT1241
DDB COM 4150 ACT1241COM Adtran ddb commons common package for chassis
DPO CHAN UN 1353DPO2L2 Adtran dpo channel unit for ACT1241
DPT CHANNEL UN 1353DPT Adtran dpt channel unit for ACT1241
DRAL2 4150 ACT1241DRA Adtran ACT1241dral2 system: chassis & common
DRDL2 4150 ACT1241DRD Adtran ACT1241drdl2 system: chassis & common
DSO DP CH UN 1104003L1 Adtran dso dp channel unit for ACT1241
DXU DP CH 1100033L2 Adtran dxu dp channel unit for ACT1241
LEA SYS 4150 ACT1241LEA Adtran ACT1241 lea system: chassis & common
LED SYS 4150 ACT1241LED Adtran ACT1241 led system: chassis & common
LRD SYS 4150 ACT1241LRD Adtran ACT1241lrd system: chassis & common
NX56/64 DSU DP 1100025L1 Adtran nx56/64 dsu dp channel unit for ACT1241
OCU CHANNEL 1104004L3 Adtran osu channel unit for ACT1241
OCU DP + 1108005L1 Adtran ocu dp plus channel unit for ACT1241
OCU DP CH UN 1107005L1 Adtran osu dp channel unit for ACT1241
PPL CHANNEL UN 1353PPL Adtran ppl channel unit for ACT1241
PPS CHANNEL UN 1353PPS Adtran pps channel unit for ACT1241
T-BRITE CH 1100019L1 Adtran t-brite channel unit for ACT1241
T1 LIU 4150 ACT1241COM Adtran t1 liu commons common package for chassis
BR1/8 1150018L1 Adtran br1/8
D4 CAU 1100023L1 Adtran d4 cau
DATAMATE 1200045L1 Adtran datamate
DL ESP SHELF 1200202L1 Adtran dual esp mounting shelf
DXU 1200018L2 Adtran dxu
DXU-5 1200026L1 Adtran dxu-5
E&M/TO 1109402L1 Adtran e&m/to
FSU 1200130L1 Adtran fsu
FSU 5622 ESP 1200175L1 Adtran fsu 5622 esp
FSU W/56/64K 1200130L2 Adtran fsu w/ 56/64k csu/dsu
HSU 100 V.35 1200097L1 Adtran hsu 100 v.35/rs530 sa hdsl csu/dsu
RM UT SMT 16 1200046L1 Adtran rm unit for smart 16 shelf same as dsu
SMRT16 SLF AC 4200023L3 Adtran smart 16 shelf ac
SMRT16 SLF DC 4200023L4 Adtran smart 16 shelf dc


Adtran T400 nt1 cp t400 shelf 128 s/t and u
T400-19 SHELF 1150028L1 Adtran T400-19 t400 shelf
T400-23 SHELF 1150024L1 Adtran T400-23 t400 shelf
T-WATCH PRO 1950010L3 Adtran T-watch pro (win)
T-WATCH PRO 1950010L4 Adtran T-watch pro upgrade

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