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  • Functions as a multi-T1 IAD, 1/0 DACS, NxT1 Inverse Multiplexer, ISDN switch, IP router, and Frame Relay concentrator/switch
  • Switchboard supports circuit switching applications such as intelligent call routing, overbooking and least-cost routing based on phone numbers in the dial plan
  • Includes IP routing software with support for PPP and Frame Relay Layer 2 protocols
  • DHCP client/ server
  • Six-slot modular platform
  • Two network interface slots (one T1/PRI module included with base unit) and four user slots
  • Supports up to 18 T1/PRI ports
  • Supports E1, PRA, and BRI S/T interfaces for global applications
  • Net-3 and Net-5 Euro-ISDN protocols supported
  • Maximum backplane bandwidth for TDM applications is nine T1s through the chassis
  • Hot swappable modules
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet LAN interface for SNMP/Telnet management and routing
  • AC or DC power
  • DC version accepts +24 VDC and -48 VDC input

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